Social Responsibility

At PDS Health we believe passionately in social responsibility and trying to make our practices be at the heart of their communities. We support local charitable causes and at many practices collaborate with local nurseries and schools by offering them in-practice learning sessions, talks at their establishments or work experience.

We encourage our team to get involved in local initiatives as much as possible and we aim to provide a free Kids Club in every practice to help foster children and parents awareness of the importance of good oral health from an early age and then throughout their lives.

As a group, we have a policy wherever reasonably to use sustainable products and services and review and update this on an annual basis.

PDS Health has also lent its support to a new Dental Charity, Teeth Aid, by donating various items of dental equipment and supplies and is currently working towards a project in East Africa whereby it can send out members of its dental team to work on a local Dental Initiative.

If you are interested in working with PDS Health on this or any other project please contact us at